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Who We Are

We are resellers of Bebb prints, primarily launched by one large collection of prints inherited from a Minnesota friend of Bebb's, who summered in Ely. We offer the prints "as is," unframed unless otherwise stated and without any conservation or restoration from the original. We do our best to accurately describe each piece and present it as realistically as possible. Many of these prints are 60 years old or more, so naturally some discoloration, spotting, and color fading may be present. If you would like further information on any piece, please use the contact form on this site. 

Works on Satin

Bebb often printed his works on satin, a process requiring razor-sharp precision and accuracy when registering multiple plates to a single piece of fabric. As skilled as he was, we've tried to represent these works accurately, but scanning works on shiny satin is extremely difficult and you will likely see moire patterns or other surface irregularities from the scan that are not present in the original.  

Buying and Shipping

You can purchase prints directly from this site using PayPal or use the contact form on this site if you prefer. All prints will be shipped within 5 business days, UPS ground, and you'll receive a tracking number once the package is underway. Given the current delays in ground shipping due to COVID-19, you may experience longer than usual wait times. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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